India & South East Asia Is Being Hit Hard With Catastrophic Flooding

India and South East Asia is suffering in massive proportions. There are other storms on the horizon and the Covid 19 Pandemic is compounding this

Yemin The Worlds Worst Humanitarian Crises

Why is Yemin the worlds worst humanitarian crises? It’s most likely connected to Saudi Arabia and Iran. It’s quite sad to see such massive destruction

Public Debt and Artificial Low Interest Rates Are A Trap for A Collapse

How much public debt should the U.S. be in today and why is it acceptable to keep increasing it at unprecedented numbers?

Globalization Is Being Killed by Covid 19.

The world is being humbled by the pandemic of Covid 19 and Globalization is declining. We’re now in what is is known as Slobalization and

Lebanon In Crises A Sign To the World of What’s Coming To Their Country

Lebanon crises of debt not being paid is an example of what can happen anywhere. The dependency of the IMF is only a band aid